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Annie Dillard, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek (via amelieisamelie)

"I’m getting used to this planet and to this curious human culture which is as cheerfully enthusiastic as it is cheerfully cruel."

19 Jul 14 at 11 pm

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The low hum of your car as it rumbles down the newly paved road,

Your hand resting on the wheel while the other is in tangled with mine.

This isn’t fresh or new, oh no this has been long overdue,

You and I have discovered something no one our age has experience,

This love we got is far greater then what is depicted in the media,

It isn’t breakable and it isn’t bendable, not it is the strongest of bonds,

Twisted and intertwined with trust and faith which is built on reliability.

Look at our hands, this is us interlaced with scratches and bruises,

Not clean yet perfectly fitting, not beautiful yet humbly admitting

To our faults and weakness which leads to ugly broken hearts

That is all I have to offer is my broken self that has been wash anew

Thank God your vision of me is blurred and skewed

For I deserve nothing yet have been given much. 

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