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Little girl with yellow skin and tubes all around, Breath, In and out and in once more.

Little girl with chubby cheeks and bouncing ringlets, Smile, Once for mom and once for dad.

Little girl with knobby knees and giant brown eyes, See, See your beauty take it in.

Tomboy with chopped off hair and daredevilish ways, Run, Don’t stop until you begun. 

Tomboy with a distasteful look and forming curves, Lady, You are, there is no stopping. 

Little lady with straight brown hair and shaven legs, Strength, Don’t smile for every young boy.

Little lady who surrounds herself with laughter, Hear, Hear those who have not been heard.

Little lady do not give up on humanity, Stay, Watch them prove you wrong again. 

Young lady you are hardly grown and hardly old, Stand, Stand tall as they judge your flaws.

Young lady don’t leave so fast let them talk to you, Friend, It’s okay newly shy child.

Young lady stop building those walls so high and steep, Crumble, The farther they will fall down.

Young lady don’t listen to their gossip and rules, Stop, Don’t let them touch you that way.

Lady, or I suppose that is what I am, Ponder, as the years fade in and out. 

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blog that will make your dash awesome ♥

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blog that will make your dash awesome ♥
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Your voice is like the sea

Breaking waves so gracefully

Your mind is like a bird

Soaring about the mountain tops

But there’s dragons there’s dragons there’s dragons.

"Hurry! Open the windows and the doors.  This day is beautiful and it is slipping away. I don’t want to spend my whole life inside like this." 70-year-old man

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By your grace, I walk by these quiet waters.
By your mercy, I lay down on these green pastures.
By your love, I stand besides my earthly warrior.
By your strength, I plus him because of you carry on.
By your light, I trudge down that dark path.
By your leadership, I reach for your outstretched hand.
By your faithfulness, I can rest in a deep slumber.

(For you are a deliverer and you have deliver him and me from the clutches of our past and carried us into the morning light)